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Affordable book editing for all! Assessments are just 0.5¢ per word. Get feedback from an experienced book editor - designed especially for indie authors on a budget! Self publish with confidence. Professional book editing on your manuscript can boost book sales, help you get an agent, and help you get a publisher. Our editorial assessments break down your book's plot, structure, characters and theme and guide you through any fixes your book needs, at an unbelievably low price.

Congrats! You wrote a book!

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Finding affordable book editing can be tough, and the possibility of negative feedback from an editor can be terrifying. But a good editor’s number one goal is to work with you to make your book better. The publishing industry is highly competitive, and only the best books stand a chance.

To give your book the shot it deserves, you need a professional book editor.

You’ve probably handed your manuscript over to a few trusted friends and asked them, perhaps with a nervous tremor in your voice and a slight wince, if they wouldn’t mind reading it. Then you stared at your phone for the next 112 straight hours, waiting for them to text you with their feedback.

We bet your mom loved your book. We bet your friends did, too. We bet they told you it was one of the best things they’ve ever read, and that they had no idea you were so talented, and that they were going to tell everyone they knew to buy a copy when it came out. We bet that made you feel really, really good – for about sixteen seconds, and then we bet you started to wonder… “But will other people like it?”

Wonder no more. We’ll give it to you straight.

Our Editorial Assessment will give you constructive feedback on the story, characters, themes, and overall readability of your book. We’ll point out any plot holes or inconsistencies, tell you what we liked, and offer helpful suggestions on how to fix the things we didn’t. Think of it as a book review on steroids – but one you can get before you publish, so you’ll have time to make any fixes or updates before you release your book into the world.

$0.005 per word

Think you can't afford an editor? Think again.

Our most affordable service might just be everything you're looking for.

affordable book editing

Compare the cost of our Editorial Assessment to the other guys
(all prices based on a 60,000 word manuscript, excluding discounts):

Reckless Abandon - $300
Balboa Press - $499
Story Perfect - $480
WestBow Press - $499
Lulu - $499

Let's get real for a sec.

An assessment isn't a replacement for a thorough edit.

It’s a broad overview of your work, but it’s not the same as having an editor go over every line with a magnifying glass. Most people will tell you that an assessment is not enough, that it’s just a first step in a much longer – and much more expensive – editing process. And they’re right.

But we also live in the real world, and we know money doesn’t grow on banana trees. We know that your book is probably a passion project, and it’s important to you to get it right – but not if it means taking out a loan or hocking your sweet double-neck guitar.

With our editorial assessment, affordable book editing is within your reach.

You’ll get feedback on your plot and pacing, on whether your characters are relatable and realistic, on your writing style. We’ll point out any structural flaws, and give you both generalized tips and specific suggestions to improve your story. Our assessments average 3-4 pages in length (a bit less for short stories, of course), so you know you’re getting your ha’penny’s worth.

We’ll even throw in a free sample line edit of the first few pages of your book (about 1000-1500 words) so you can see exactly what a more thorough edit can do for you. And hey, if you like your assessment so much you decide you want to give line editing or proofreading a go, we’ll give you a discount of up to 10%.

So how does this work, anyway?

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