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This FREE workshop from Reckless Abandon Book Services provides helpful tips and guides to get your book ready for publishing - especially for indie and self published authors!

Bring Your Book to Life

Tips, Guides & Resources to Help You Publish Like a Pro

It’s a whole new ball game. The world of book publishing has completely transformed over the last decade, and it shows no sign of stopping soon. Every year there are new trends, expanded options, and fresh ideas that leave even the most experienced publisher scratching their head.
There comes a point when every author must decide: to self-publish, or to go the traditional route? With substantial pros and cons on both sides, and a publishing landscape that seems to change day by day, it can be a tough decision to make. We’re here to help you get the facts, get some ideas and get your book out into the world. Whether you’re planning to self-publish or are looking for advice on finding a traditional publisher, The Outburst’s Publishing Workshop is here to help.
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