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Copy editing and proofreading combined! Get your book ready to self publish for just 1.5¢ per word. Our exclusive Proofreading Plus service is everything you need to polish the rough edges of your book. Indie authors, don't publish without proofreading! Error-free books have better sales! Looking for more editing help? Try our editorial assessment for just 0.5¢ per word.

Congrats! You wrote a book!

Let's give it a closer look, shall we?

You’ve been down quite a road. You wrote a book, went through edits and rewrites, and more edits and rewrites, and you survived. Now you’re coming down the home stretch, getting your book ready to publish!

But wait! Are you absolutely certain it’s ready to go?

Some naïve authors may think their word processor’s spellcheck is all the proofreading they need, but you know better. You know those little squiggly red and blue lines don’t catch everything – like skipped words, verb tense conflict, or incorrect pronouns. You know your book may have errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation that you won’t find yourself, and you know those tiny mistakes can make your end product seem unprofessional and hurt your sales.

You’ve given your book your all. Don’t leave the crucial last step up to chance.

Reckless Abandon knows that indie authors value efficiency, so our Proofreading Plus service combines two of your book’s final steps – copy editing and proofreading – into one. Not only will we scour your book and fix any misspellings, capitalization errors, wonky punctuation, and commonly misused phrases, but we’ll also check for issues with spacing, missing indents, and that annoying thing where it stretches a random line of text out across the whole width of the page. We totally hate that. Don’t you?

$0.015 per word

Take a gander at what you'll save.

An extra set of eyes shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg.

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Compare the cost of our Proofreading Plus to other comparable services
(all prices based on a 60,000 word manuscript, excluding discounts):

Reckless Abandon - $900
Elite Editing - $1668
BookBaby - $1197
Scribendi - $1787
PaperTrue - $1380

Proofreading: The final frontier.

You give us your book, we'll give you peace of mind.

After all the writing and editing is done, proofreading is the cherry on top of the sundae. We want it to be right just as much as you do, so we’ll give your book multiple passes with multiple proofreading techniques, to make sure we catch every error we can.

At Reckless Abandon, we know that indie authors value efficiency. It can be overwhelming when you go it alone, and frustrating when you encounter yet another step in the editing process for yet another chunk of your savings account, and it seems like the end is nowhere in sight.

We’re bringing proofreading into the 21st century.

We think the old way of doing things – of separating copy editing and proofreading into two different steps – made a lot of sense in the days when publishing involved carbon copies of manuscripts and typesetters to put it all in place by hand. But in today’s world, when books can be written, edited and formatted all in the same document, there’s no need. Proofreading Plus does both jobs at once, saving you time and money so you can get on to publishing and marketing your book.

If you already had us give your book an editorial assessment or a line edit, you’ll get a discount on Proofreading Plus of up to 10%.

So how does this work, anyway?
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Once you pay the invoice and send us your manuscript, we will guarantee your project completion date.

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